FIPA Tunisia - Agence de Promotion de l’Investissement Extérieur

FIPA Tunisia - Agence de Promotion de l’Investissement Extérieur

FIPA Tunisia - Agence de Promotion de l’Investissement Extérieur

FIPA Tunisia is responsible for providing the necessary support to foreign investors and promoting foreign investment in Tunisia.
(Updated on 03/02/2023)

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Public development organization
Target audience
Supports projects in steps
Diaspora priority
Target country
Activity sectors
Agriculture and agri-food
Commerce and handicrafts
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
Finance and assurance
Human services, health
Business services, engineering, consulting
Information and Communication Technologies/ Media
Transport, logistics
Legal status
Public institution


FIPA Tunisia was created in 1995 as part of the Tunisian vision of the vital role of foreign investment in mobilising foreign resources and creating productive projects. Its generic role consists in promoting Tunisia's vocation as an investment destination of choice to foreign investors, business circles and international bodies as well as to Tunisian skills abroad.

The agency has 5 offices abroad: France (Paris), Italy (Milan), Germany (Cologne), the United Kingdom (London) and Spain (Madrid).

First public enterprise to be ISO certified in 2003, FIPA Tunisia works on several levels:

  • Image building, through the dissemination of clear and credible information on the rules and procedures for setting up a business in Tunisia, on the business environment and investment opportunities;
  • Prospection and identification of competitive investment niches;
  • Monitoring of the process of setting up a business and follow-up consolidated by an effective intervention strategy.

Services related to business creation in Tunisia Within the framework of its mission, FIPA-Tunisia offers specific services for business creation in Tunisia while positioning the Tunisian diaspora at the heart of their action:

Fluid and interactive dissemination of privileged information:

  • Providing clear and credible answers on the rules and procedures for setting up a business in Tunisia, on the business environment and investment opportunities that the diaspora could seize within a dedicated diaspora business advisory space;
  • Helping productive investment in target sectors identified by Tunisia: personalised and efficient services throughout the investment process (advice, reception, preparation of adapted programmes);
  • Access to free supervision and support during prospecting visits in the field throughout Tunisia (provision of a car and a driver in the presence of a FIPA executive);
  • Assistance in finding the best sites for establishment by identifying suitable land and buildings at the best price;
  • Tailor-made support for the diaspora's productive projects during their establishment  

Services facilitating involvement in the evolving dynamics of the Tunisian ecosystem

  • The agency also offers services facilitating the involvement of Tunisian diasporas in Tunisian economic development:
  • Involvement in a range of business actions carried out in Tunisia or abroad with a general or sectoral scope, either through simple participation or as a speaker;
  • Strengthening the connection with business networks in Tunisia through the organisation of B2B meetings;
  • Establishment, during a flagship economic meeting, of a "Diaspora Award" as the main mark of recognition for a branded CTE personality.  

This mission has now reached 27 years! FIPA Tunisia, which promotes the Tunisian location abroad and promotes FDI, is celebrating this year its 27 years of existence marked by success, performance and know-how in investment promotion.

With support and assistance to more than 3,700 foreign businesses in Tunisia, employing more than 417,000 people, the agency has made a significant contribution to the establishment and maintenance of foreign business activity. For more information on the activities of FIPA Tunisia, please consult the library and media library available on its website.  

FIPA Tunisia is a multisectoral organisation.


Providing information
Co-incubation Europe-Africa
Accompagnement et facilitation des IDE
Les projets d’investissement doivent intervenir dans un secteur faisant partie des secteurs prioritaires pour la Tunisie.

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  • Target countriesTunisia
    Target audienceInvestors and Business Angels, Diaspora support organization professionals
    Project phasesAcceleration, Growth
    Proposed servicesBusiness Development Assistance, Legal, administrative and HR consulting, Internationalization, Partnerships
    Activity sectorsAgriculture and agri-food, Commerce and handicrafts, Finance and assurance, Green tech/ Environmental and urban services, Human services, health, ...
    Diaspora priority level value