CGEM - Confédération Générale des Entreprises au Maroc

CGEM - Confédération Générale des Entreprises au Maroc

CGEM - Confédération Générale des Entreprises au Maroc

CGEM is the official private sector representative to public authorities, social partners and institutions. It speaks for the private sector by representing it, defending its interests at regional, national and international levels and working for a business climate favourable to entrepreneurship.
(Updated on 04/10/2023)

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Professional association & think tank
Target audience
Supports projects in steps
Diaspora priority
Target country
Activity sectors
Agriculture and agri-food
Commerce and handicrafts
Finance and assurance
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
Human services, health
Business services, engineering, consulting
Information and Communication Technologies/ Media
Transport, logistics
Legal status
Association / Foundation / ONG


The General Confederation of Enterprises in Morocco (CGEM) was created in 1947 and represents over 90,000 direct and affiliated members, 95% of which are SMEs. CGEM is a representation of Moroccan entrepreneurs equivalent to MEDEF. For future entrepreneurs and investors, CGEM can recommend suitable service providers through its networking tool of members covering more than 150 professions throughout the Moroccan territory.

It structures its action around 5 dimensions:

  • Regional dimension: the Confederation is represented throughout the Moroccan territory through its 13 CGEM Regions, including the "MeM" dedicated to Moroccan Entrepreneurs and High Potentials of the World; Sectoral dimension: through its 37 statutory professional federations, CGEM covers the whole of Morocco's economic activity;
  • Cross-cutting dimension: CGEM is a key promoter of entrepreneurship and is organised around 17 cross-cutting commissions, which provide a forum for reflection and sharing of ideas;
  • International dimension: At the international level, CGEM works to promote and open up Moroccan businesses by consolidating business networks through its 59 business councils and thanks to about a hundred business visits and bilateral economic forums organised each year both in Morocco and abroad.

It offers them the opportunity to prospect new markets; Institutional representation dimension: In 2015, CGEM was designated as the most representative professional employers' organisation and represents the voice of economic operators in the Parliament through its 8 representatives.  Its mission more broadly consists in:  

  • Promoting business opportunities: MyCGEM, an application, 100% dedicated to the business community allows you to follow the news of the Confederation, the Permanent Commissions, the Statutory Federations and the CGEM-Regions and receive alerts;
  • follow the events organised by CGEM and register for them;
  • publish and seize business opportunities; connect to other members by searching for them across several criteria and send them messages;
  • take advantage of the Confederation's range of services in a few clicks.

Inform: CGEM publishes about ten studies and practical guides per year and regularly sends its members regional and sectoral newsletters, monitoring bulletins, economic bulletins and briefings to keep them informed of national and international economic news.

Training in new skills: CGEM offers training in several areas, including social relations through its social academy (certification training), training cycles organised in partnership with international organisations such as the EBRD and the International Finance Corporation, on topics related to current events to give them the tools to better cope with the current situation.

Connecting: with national authorities: CGEM facilitates the processing of its members' requests to institutions such as the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG), the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI), banks, through the Moroccan Centre for Banking Mediation (CMMB) and this, both at regional and national level through its mediation service Corridors by CGEM. In addition, a new Corridor for investment support was announced by MeM by CGEM on 16 February 2021. In addition, CGEM is working with international bodies through its 57 business councils and the organisation of bilateral economic meetings. CGEM also leads delegations abroad to explore business opportunities, particularly in Africa, and facilitates visa procedures with France, Spain and Mauritania.

Supporting the labelling process: CGEM supports its members to give them competitive advantages, especially through the labelling process. As such, it awards its CSR Label to businesses integrating the 9 areas of the Charter of Corporate Social Responsibility, following an evaluation of their practices in accordance with the universal objectives of social responsibility and sustainable development. The Confederation also signed a partnership agreement with the Moroccan Institute of Normalisation (IMANOR) on the TAHCEINE label in order to label businesses that respect the provisions of the joint health protocol of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Green and Digital Economy, and the Ministry of Labour and Professional Insertion on the management of the risk of Covid-19 contamination in the workplace.  CGEM dedicates its 13th MeM by CGEM region to the Moroccan Diaspora, Entrepreneurs and High Potentials of the World.

MeM by CGEM members are legal entities under Moroccan or foreign law owned or governed by a person of Moroccan origin carrying out an activity in relation to Morocco, or wishing to establish economic or social ties with Morocco.

The MeM by CGEM region is:

  • A space for lobbying and networking in the service of your influence;
  • A high potential diaspora to promote a disruptive approach through private and independent apolitical initiative;
  • A synergy of talents for the economic development and influence of Morocco through the creation of economic wealth;
  • A dialogue nurtured in transparency and enriched by the expertise and the search for constructive solutions.  

The role and missions of the CGEM MeM by CGEM region are to  

  • Establish a hosting structure for the membership of MeM; Constitute an economic lobbying of Moroccan entrepreneurs and high potentials of the world;
  • Create a platform for professional exchange between Moroccan entrepreneurs and high potentials of the world and those of Morocco;
  • Ensure the meeting of Moroccan entrepreneurs of the world with the economic decision makers of Morocco;
  • Encourage Moroccan investors living abroad to establish themselves on the Moroccan market and its African depth;
  • Facilitate the development of Moroccan exporters on foreign markets through the Moroccan entrepreneurs of the world  MeM by CGEM structures its action around 5 pillars namely:  Mentor to Mentors - M2M: Inspiring MeM entrepreneurs to guide them, supporting them in their vision and strategy, through a mentoring platform;
  • Invest Opportunistically: Assisting Moroccan investors from abroad and participating in the creation of financial vehicles and incubation facilities;
  • Research & Development Triangulation: Creating and facilitating an extensive network of Moroccan researchers around the world, through the MyCGEM networking platform;
  • Business Ambassador: Supporting the improvement of competitiveness and exports of Moroccan businesses to create regional and even international champions, relying on the networks of Moroccans abroad;
  • Sky is the limit: Promoting Moroccan entrepreneurs abroad through the MyCGEM networking platform and the concept of network of networks, to make Morocco shine throughout the world, via its entrepreneurial citizens and high potentials.


CSR - Sustainable development
Providing information
De par la variété des secteurs et de la variété de taille des entreprises membres, la CGEM peut orienter et conseiller toute entreprise membre, de droit marocain ou étranger, à tout stade.

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  • Target countriesMorocco
    Target audienceWomen entrepreneurs, Diaspora support organization professionals, Wanna-be entrepreneurs
    Project phasesIdeation, Incubation, Acceleration, Growth
    Proposed servicesAid for innovation, Preparation for fundraising, Financing strategy, Co-incubation Europe-Africa, Communication, marketing and sales consulting, ...
    Activity sectorsAgriculture and agri-food, Commerce and handicrafts, Education, Finance and assurance, Green tech/ Environmental and urban services, ...
    Diaspora priority level value