ATUGE - Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles

ATUGE - Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles

ATUGE - Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles

Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Écoles federates all the graduates and students of French engineering and business Grandes Écoles.
(Updated on 03/02/2023)

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Professional association & think tank
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Agriculture and agri-food
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
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Business services, engineering, consulting
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Association / Foundation / ONG


Created in 1990, the Association des Tunisiens de Grandes Écoles (ATUGE) is a non-profit association, independent from all political bodies. Its main vocation is to offer a collective space to carry out the following missions:

  •  To strengthen cooperation ties between Tunisia and Europe;
  • To be a driving force in economic reflection in France and Tunisia;
  • To be a meeting point and contact point for its network with economic stakeholders, recruiters, associations and public institutions;
  • To enable its members to develop their personal and professional networks by organising meetings and debates as well as leisure activities;
  • To facilitate the integration of its members in preparatory courses as well as in the professional world. 

ATUGE is currently running a network of more than 6,000 talented people with a strong commitment, thanks to the different hubs and clubs. And also thanks to the various events as well as international relays with a presence in Tunisia, France, in different regions and in the United Kingdom.

The main missions and objectives of ATUGE are   :

  • To facilitate a network of members and develop, in a spirit of openness to others, the bonds of friendship and solidarity that run through it;
  • To facilitate the integration in France of Tunisian students from the Classes Préparatoires and the Grandes Écoles;
  • To promote the professional insertion and the development of its members' careers in France and in Tunisia;
  • To promote the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship among its members;
  • To be a meeting and contact point with economic stakeholders, recruiters, associations and public institutions in France, in Tunisia and throughout the world;
  • To promote the partnership and the economic and technological flows between Tunisia and France, and within the Euro-Mediterranean area.  

ATUGE puts project leaders in contact with mentors who advise them on the best strategy to adopt. ATUGE organises meetings with success stories dedicated to the topic, in webinar and afterwork format. In the framework of the At'Venture programme, we rely on speakers who train in fundraising.

ATUGE is made up of several clubs (Health, Finance, Consulting, Culture, etc.) including the Entrepreneurs Club. The Entrepreneurs Club has a strong will to :  

  • Promote entrepreneurial spirit Bring together the various ecosystem stakeholders: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, Accelerators;
  • Create a bridge of exchange and sharing between the ecosystems of Paris and Tunis;
  • Support young entrepreneurs in the implementation of their projects.  

The ATUGE Entrepreneurs Club is positioned in the categories of ideation and emergence through :  The annual business creation support programme and competition "At'Venture" in its 13th edition this year (2022) Grand Tunisian Entrepreneurship Forum in its 1st edition (2022) Regular webinars, workshops and master classes on entrepreneurship Networking events and thematic afterworks Personalised coaching De facto, its actions are largely dedicated to the diaspora, as its members are themselves from the diaspora.

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Market study
Preparation for fundraising
Diagnosis and business model
Business registration
Aid for innovation
Business plan and implementation plan
Business Development Assistance
Communication, marketing and sales consulting
Legal, administrative and HR consulting
Strategy consulting
Providing information
lI n’y a pas de critères de nationalité pour bénéficier du programme At’Venture porté par le Club Entrepreneurs de l’ATUGE.

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  • Target countriesTunisia
    Target audienceStudents and recent graduates, Women entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Angels, Entrepreneurship / investment support organizations, Diaspora support organization professionals, ...
    Project phasesIncubation
    Proposed servicesAid for innovation, Preparation for fundraising, Financing strategy, Business Development Assistance, Business plan and implementation plan, ...
    Activity sectorsAgriculture and agri-food, Commerce and handicrafts, Education, Finance and assurance, Green tech/ Environmental and urban services, ...
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    No criteria