Incubateur Virtuel International sur l'Afrique

A dedicated mechanism for supporting innovative projects of the African diaspora in France and Europe in collaboration with partners in Africa, mainly in the Maghreb.
(Updated on12/01/2023)

In short

Détail des critères de l'offre

Candidates must belong to the diaspora of one of the following six countries and set up their project there: Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, or Cameroon.

Pre-registered candidates from other African countries can also present their project. Admissible projects are business creation or development projects less than three years old: led by members of the African diaspora in the partner countries, and established in one of the project's partner countries or whose planned activity concerns both continents.

Also eligible are business creation or development projects less than three years old: led by African diaspora members in Africa and established in one of the African partner countries of the project (e.g. a Senegalese entrepreneur established in Morocco).

Target audience
Women entrepreneurs
Diaspora support organization professionals
Wanna-be entrepreneurs
Project phases
Activity sectors
Agriculture and agri-food
Commerce and handicrafts
Finance and assurance
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
Human services, health
Business services, engineering, consulting
Information and Communication Technologies/ Media
Transport, logistics
Femme entrepreneuses
Women entrepreneurs
Diaspora priority level value


Since 2011, Marseille Innovation has been piloting an International Virtual Incubator on Africa to support innovative projects from the African diaspora in France and Europe via European programmes.

Programme beneficiaries are entrepreneurs from the African diaspora wishing to invest in the following 6 countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon and Côte d'Ivoire.

Marseille Innovation's support has led to the creation and establishment of some forty innovative start-ups in Maghreb.

Service(s) proposé(s)
Aid for innovation
Preparation for fundraising
Financing strategy
Business Development Assistance
Business plan and implementation plan
Co-incubation Europe-Africa
Communication, marketing and sales consulting
Strategy consulting
Legal, administrative and HR consulting
Diagnosis and business model
Business registration
Market study
Providing information
Organization, recruitment support
CSR - Sustainable development
Other services proposed by the organization
Description du processus

The application is made following a call for tenders from the Marseille Innovation partner structures.

Delay for answers to applications
2 to 3 months
Difficulty level
Difficulty level
5 (very complex)
Advanced level, applicants are asked to submit a complete and detailed business plan
Average acceptance rate
Program frequency
Once a year on average
Includes funding
Content reserved for members of the Bridge Africa Hub

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