Capp'O Sud

The Agro Montpellier Institute and its Capp'O Sud unit support the African diaspora in developing innovative projects and businesses in the fields of sustainable food systems (agriculture, agribusiness, value chains and the environment).
(Updated on16/01/2023)

In short

Détail des critères de l'offre

No criteria on the profile nor nationality of project leaders but only projects with a link to a country in the South (Africa, Maghreb, South America, Asia).

Projects in the following sectors  : Agribusiness (tropical product innovation, technical sizing of processing unit, business plan, etc.); Agriculture and agronomy (innovation, ICT for agriculture, agroecology, training engineering, organisation of producers); Food (sustainable food system, nutrition, health linked to agricultural production).

Target audience
Researchers & Academics
Students and recent graduates
Women entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship / investment support organizations
Wanna-be entrepreneurs
Project phases
Activity sectors
Agriculture and agri-food
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
Femme entrepreneuses
Women entrepreneurs
Diaspora priority level value
No criteria


Capp'O Sud offers three main types of services:

  • Pre-incubation of project leaders: assisting and structuring a project with good development potential until it is launched on the market with coaching along the way and then connecting it to the local ecosystem of the country where the project is to be implemented;
  • Specific expertise in the fields of agriculture and agribusiness in the countries of the South: development of sectors, creation of farms, sourcing, sizing of agribusiness processing units, product innovation, development of ICTs for sectors, etc. This expertise can be provided by senior experts, students supervised by senior experts or researchers;
  • Networking of the project leader in the project implementation ecosystems (co-incubation, etc.).  

The originality of our offer is that it allows us to meet the needs of our African students, to support them in their business creation project, but also to mobilise them to support external project leaders to carry out different types of expertise. In this way, this system allows for exchange of experience between different audiences in the African diaspora.

Service(s) proposé(s)
Aid for innovation
Business plan and implementation plan
Co-incubation Europe-Africa
Diagnosis and business model
Market study
Providing information
CSR - Sustainable development
Other services proposed by the organization
Description du processus
  • First contact by email with a quick description of the project;
  • First meeting (Skype, zoom or face-to-face) to discuss the project and the project owner's expectations;
  • Possible sending of a form (6 pages) to collect information on the project;
  • Consultation with the Institut Agro Montpellier's internal team to validate the support;
  • Proposal of a support action plan and/or sending of a technical and financial proposal for a service offer in the case of expertise.
Delay for answers to applications
15 days to 3 weeks maximum
Difficulty level
Difficulty level
1 (very easy)
Time required to prepare your application
1 day maximum
Average acceptance rate
Includes funding
Content reserved for members of the Bridge Africa Hub

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